Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I hearby declare it opposites day!

I don’t do pink.


I own one pink shirt, that I don’t actually wear. Because (you know) it is pink.

The only pink thing I love is those deep magenta pink flowers… and my camera refuses to take that color.  Won’t capture it at all.  So… today i am declaring opposites day. Because the one thing opposite pink is blue.  And I had fun with blue this week…

Meet Caden:

caden1 caden2  caden6caden4 marsha-caden2

He was my first experience taking pictures of a toddler, and I am not overly happy with the results… note to self: faster shutter speed. Oh well, they are cute and I will improve!


And the other touch of blue this week:


Ricki is having a boy! 

(part of you capture.  I promise next week I will follow the rules :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Post about plumbing. Isn’t that exciting?

On the list of things that the inspector noted that needed fixed, one of the main ones was changing the drain pipe under the master bath sink.  I completely ignored that recommendation until last week when I dropped my favorite necklace down the sink and all of a sudden it became important to get done :)



The goal:  change the J-piece.  I went to home depot armed with this picture prepared to buy a new pipe and a tool capable of unscrewing the old pipe. 

1.5 hr later I walk out confident that I would able to do exactly what needed to be done so that I could get my necklace back and have a non-rusted drain. 

30min after that I sent this picture to my mom:


I managed to snap off the entire pipe, leaving some inside the pipe going into the wall.  Go Corrie!  Added to that is the fact that I could not for the life of me get the nut off the pipe going into the wall. Oh, and the pipe I bought was the wrong size. Also, according to the dad phone call I got in response to my text I bought the wrong tool.  I gave up.

The next night I sent this picture to my mom:


with the text “this is why dads come in handy”

She laughed.


Isn’t it pretty?  It only took 8 text messages, 2 phone calls, and 5 trips to home depot to keep buying parts I either forgot or got the wrong one in the first place.

3 days later I sent this text to my mom:


With the message “and this is why BROTHERS come in handy :)

(Not that that has anything to do with plumbing.)

(but she did laugh again.)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

babies should live.



There is so much from this week I was going to post about.  Plumbing, wallpaper, grass.  Then I woke up today and got news I didn’t want, and plans change.


June Afternoons in an Etsy shop run by Beth from You Capture to help raise money for Team James and Jake on the March of Dimes.  She does a beautiful job of telling her sons’ story on her blog, and of raising money each year in their honor.  March of Dimes is such a worthy cause, one I gladly support because really?  Babies should live.  It is that simple.

My SIL Karina’s 18 year old cousin Katy’s 3 month old son Adrian died today.  He was born 3 months ago last Sunday with most of his small intestines outside of his body, and has endured I don’t  know how many surgeries, complications with his heart, all sort of issues.  As of last week, however, they thought he would be coming home sometime next week.  Last Sunday things took a turn for the worst, and today… he went home.  Just not the one we wanted him to go to.

Heaven is a little more beautiful today.  Rest in peace, baby boy… you deserve to be pain free now.

My sister is 20 weeks pregnant with a (as of now) healthy baby boy that took a very long time to conceive.  My friends are talking about when to start their family, and as always are expecting it to go so perfectly smooth.    My friend at work has a baby who is only healthy because of work done by MOD.

I don’t know Katy… have only met her once.  I can’t help her  right now. Can’t help her mourn, can’t help her bury her son, can’t take food to her house or do any of the things people do for other people when a loved one is lost.  What I can do is donate to March of Dimes.  To Team James and Jake or Team Maddie or to no team at all and just give a dollar at the shoe store next week.  Because really? 

Babies should live. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 quotes and a goal.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives ~ Henry David Thoreau

This weekend I spent at the Women Walking with God conference in Wichita.  The theme was leaving a legacy, and the speakers all talked about the impact we have on those around us, how the way we live our lives truly does impact others.  This kind of goes with some things I have been struggling with lately.  I have discovered that I am  negative in what I speak quite often.  I don’t even mean to be… but I am.  I do this in real life and especially at work. It has been something I have really been trying to work on this the past week, to learn to see the good, to speak on positive things.    I don’t want my coworkers looking at me as the complainer.  Now, some things that are wrong really do need to be mentioned, but there are ways to do so.  Complaining about it at 3am is  not the way.  However, as we all know we speak the thoughts that dominate our mind.  Therefore… maybe I need to change the way I think.  Not sure how I am going to do that, but my new goal…
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever it noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things- phil. 4:8
Not sure I can live up to that, but I think it is worth trying. 
After the conference I took a long walk through Chisholm Creek Park. Pretty sure it is my new favorite thing to do.  It is easy to have positive thoughts when you get lost in the woods for an hour.


I wish you a Palm Sunday full of happy thoughts!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The best smile I got this week.  From a face that is always happy to see me. 


CeCe is hands down the most enthusiastic occupant of the farm. 


_MG_1291 _MG_1292 _MG_1294

Note to self: taking pictures of a puppy is a bad plan when dad is in the garage standing the dog food.  

something else that makes me smile:


shadowhouse textures plus coffeeshop actions.  I don’t normally go this over the top, but there was a tutorial on making pictures look like paintings… I think I accomplished it.

Okay… enough links.  Enjoy smiling on this spring day!


Part of you capture!

list to be done by June 18.

1. paint kitchen.
2. Kitchen curtains
3. Art for above couch.
4. Master bathroom
5. Make porch presentable.
6. Some sort of garden.

That is a doable list for 2 months, right? I want the house to be beautiful for its party. We shall see...
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun in a chocolate pot…

I am in KC for a cardiology conference tomorrow, and tonight I went to the melting pot with a couple of my girlfriends.  I love fondue… love the concept of dipping food into cheese and chocolate, and I love happy hour specials so it was a good fit.  Even more, though, I love spending time with my friends…


Joanna got a drink in honor of getting into her master’s program.  Exciting!


( my application went in last Friday, so hopefully in about 6 weeks we can have a drink in celebration of me getting in, *fingers crossed*)

The cheese was yummy, but honestly not as good as my queso dip…


The chocolate, however, involved flaming marshmallow creme, and that can never go wrong.

CIMG1292 CIMG1293

Pretty sure chocolate covered strawberries is one of food’s best combination


Walking the plaza afterwards


I ended the evening by stopping by my old job and saying hi to some more old friends. 

It was fun.

(part of you capture , although late, because try as I may, I cannot seem to handle a Tuesday you capture post.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ahh Spring

Have I mentioned yet how much I am loving spring?

Driving with my windows down through the middle of no where country and seeing fields turning green

green feld

the white tree that has exploded behind my house

housewhite flower

The flowers… oh the flowers.  I have got to stop taking flower pictures, but I can’t. It might be a flowerpinkflower2

The sun setting with a flag flying in the breeze. Only this is Kansas so the breeze is really a crazy strong wind.

flag1 flag2    

I do not know why this year spring is making me so happy, but it is.  I think it might be because I am actually taking pictures again… lots of pictures. I kind of stopped while it was so cold because I don’t really do indoor photos.  So… I am going to enjoy it while I can, because all too soon it is going to be hot and it will be sad :)

Enjoy life today!