Sunday, September 18, 2011


my baby


Braden Gage

9lbs.  22 inches.

I quite love him!

He technically belongs to Ricki and Nathan


My sister is a champ!  Can you imagine pushing out 9lbs of baby?  She is pretty sore now, but I am amazed at what an awesome mom she is already!


I got to hold him when he was just 2 hours old


And spent 2 lovely days taking panera to the hospital and holding him while Ricki ate.  And then, just moments after we got home,

b15 IMG_7842

Oma and Opa arrived, and I shall never get to hold him again…

Lots of love in our lives tonight :)


b5 b10

Thursday, September 8, 2011

sunset pictures. kind of.

i am going to make this post a straight out of the camera post.  Mainly because my bedtime was 13 minutes ago but also because it seems wrong messing with kansas sunset pictures.


 IMG_1193  IMG_1195

I saw a beautiful sky beginning to form as I left my grandparents 61rst anniversary dinner and so I drove to my favorite park thinking I could get some awesome pictures.  Of course, in the ten minutes it took me to get there the sun was behind the trees, but the sky was still pretty.

and then, as the sun went down,

IMG_1209 IMG_1214

(does anyone else want to sing I see the moon, the moon sees me…)

That is my sunset pictures for the week.  I would offer back to school pictures but my version of back to school has me not having time to take pictures.

(someone remind me why I though a masters degree would be a good thing?)

Part of you capture