Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Post about plumbing. Isn’t that exciting?

On the list of things that the inspector noted that needed fixed, one of the main ones was changing the drain pipe under the master bath sink.  I completely ignored that recommendation until last week when I dropped my favorite necklace down the sink and all of a sudden it became important to get done :)



The goal:  change the J-piece.  I went to home depot armed with this picture prepared to buy a new pipe and a tool capable of unscrewing the old pipe. 

1.5 hr later I walk out confident that I would able to do exactly what needed to be done so that I could get my necklace back and have a non-rusted drain. 

30min after that I sent this picture to my mom:


I managed to snap off the entire pipe, leaving some inside the pipe going into the wall.  Go Corrie!  Added to that is the fact that I could not for the life of me get the nut off the pipe going into the wall. Oh, and the pipe I bought was the wrong size. Also, according to the dad phone call I got in response to my text I bought the wrong tool.  I gave up.

The next night I sent this picture to my mom:


with the text “this is why dads come in handy”

She laughed.


Isn’t it pretty?  It only took 8 text messages, 2 phone calls, and 5 trips to home depot to keep buying parts I either forgot or got the wrong one in the first place.

3 days later I sent this text to my mom:


With the message “and this is why BROTHERS come in handy :)

(Not that that has anything to do with plumbing.)

(but she did laugh again.)

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