Saturday, April 23, 2011

babies should live.



There is so much from this week I was going to post about.  Plumbing, wallpaper, grass.  Then I woke up today and got news I didn’t want, and plans change.


June Afternoons in an Etsy shop run by Beth from You Capture to help raise money for Team James and Jake on the March of Dimes.  She does a beautiful job of telling her sons’ story on her blog, and of raising money each year in their honor.  March of Dimes is such a worthy cause, one I gladly support because really?  Babies should live.  It is that simple.

My SIL Karina’s 18 year old cousin Katy’s 3 month old son Adrian died today.  He was born 3 months ago last Sunday with most of his small intestines outside of his body, and has endured I don’t  know how many surgeries, complications with his heart, all sort of issues.  As of last week, however, they thought he would be coming home sometime next week.  Last Sunday things took a turn for the worst, and today… he went home.  Just not the one we wanted him to go to.

Heaven is a little more beautiful today.  Rest in peace, baby boy… you deserve to be pain free now.

My sister is 20 weeks pregnant with a (as of now) healthy baby boy that took a very long time to conceive.  My friends are talking about when to start their family, and as always are expecting it to go so perfectly smooth.    My friend at work has a baby who is only healthy because of work done by MOD.

I don’t know Katy… have only met her once.  I can’t help her  right now. Can’t help her mourn, can’t help her bury her son, can’t take food to her house or do any of the things people do for other people when a loved one is lost.  What I can do is donate to March of Dimes.  To Team James and Jake or Team Maddie or to no team at all and just give a dollar at the shoe store next week.  Because really? 

Babies should live. 

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