Thursday, January 27, 2011


Happiness is weekends with roommates. Cheering on your football team as they win the NFC Championship while in Wisconsin? Also equals happy:


In Wisconsin they make Packer cookies.  PACK ATTACK! 

(although in reality we did a lousy job of attacking, and only survived by defending. Defense rocks.) 

They also make Packers pendants, which I, being the classy homeowner I am, used painters tape to stick up to my front door:


Makes me happy when I drive by and see it! 

I made Chelsie take me to Lake Michigan, because cool people go to the beach when it is 15 degrees outside.


(yeah, I look horrible in this picture. but it makes me happy)

The boulders on the beach (we don’t see things like this in Kansas):


Sunset while driving:


It was the type of weekend where I spent tons of time laughing and not much taking pictures. The kind where I was reminded to be grateful for the friendships I was able to form in College, that have lasted so much longer than college.

The kind where I was excessively tired the whole time and came back promptly to get sick and end up in urgent care. 

Oh well…

Still happy.


Part of you capture


  1. Great shots! My favourite is the sunset. Beautiful!

  2. Going to Lake Michigan in the winter is the best time to go! It's so beautiful!