Thursday, January 6, 2011

The favorites

2010 was a year full of photography for me

  flower3 _MG_6761

I took classes, started to understand the settings on my camera.  I progressed from shooting everything in program to discovering manual, and loving it.


I took some pictures I am very proud of, that seem to capture the very soul of that which my lens was pointed towards.


I discovered photoshop, but still strove to take the best SOOC pictures possible. 

feet blackwhitekc

I despaired of ever being worthy of being called a photographer. I acknowledged that I don’t have the eye for composition the way some people do.

 tiffany25_MG_0194 j-a

and then I decided I love it and it makes me happy so I don’t care if I am the best out there, my pictures make me smile and people I love, love them, so I will keep taking pictures.


and I will work to improve, although I think I am done with classes… time to just go out and shoot.


Goals for 2011:  Take more (posed) pictures of people.  Meaning I need to find more people that want their pictures taken. I especially would love to do some larger groups and babies/little kids.  so… if anyone in the Wichita area wants to be my guinea pigs as I work to improve my people skills, just let me know :)

Goal #2: experiment some more in photoshop, and learn things like what exactly masks are.  I keep doing the same things and I think I could improve. also need to calibrate my monitor somehow so I get better colors.

It is going to be an exciting year~

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  1. Your photos make me smile, and that's an accomplishment! I escpecially like the girl. Very good photo

  2. Very nice pictures, you've learned your camera well!

  3. you go girl! they look great!

  4. Don't stop! I love the colors in your first shot. That lavender hue is unexpected (I expected pink). Knowing you are weak at something is your first step toward getting better at that thing. Some people don't even know what composition means. All of these images are good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are beautiful photos. If you don't have an eye for composition, then you certainly good at fooling us!

    I love the yellow flowers along the fence line. That just screams Kansas to me. :)

  6. I love your pictures, my favorite is of Union Station, great shot. I need to go up to the veterans memorial one day and try that out!

    Your first shot is really pretty. It is great colors