Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am in need of another travel song besides.. I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

flying to wisconsin tomorrow.


it is really cold there.

not overly fond of cold.

love my friend, though.

and she is in the cold.

so off to the cold I go.

also, the packers play the bears on Sunday.

Chelsie is the reason I am a packer fan.

so watching the NFC championship game

Bears vs Packers

In Wisconsin

with my football friend.

Makes me happy


(Friend Hillary, Me, Chelsie. Packers vs Chiefs preseason 2010)


(me, Chelsie and her friend Julie, Lambeau field vs Cowboys, 2009)



(Ricki and Nathan, Me, Chelsie packers at jaguars 2008.)

We won’t be at the game, but we will be scouting next years schedule to decide what game to go to.

I love friends.

I love trips.

I tolerate cold.

I should probably pack now.


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