Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow. Doorways. Pictures.

Going into work Sunday night it had just started snowing.  I was okay with this because I was able to blame my being late on the weather instead of me having to finish the packers-eagles game before I left.  (GO PACKERS!!!) 

ahem.  coming out of work Monday morning I found the world covered in snow. How much… 4 inches? 5? I haven’t the faintest idea.  I was late getting out and I really should have gone right to bed but instead I grabbed my camera and celebrated my house and I’s first snowfall as a pair. 

that sounds kind of weird. Oh well. my neighbors all think I am weird anyway since they were all either running straight to their cars or shoveling their driveways.  I, on the other hand, was climbing through the snow into the ditch opposite my house to get this shot:


isn’t she pretty?

Out my back doorway:

wind chime

I wonder what kind of birds will fly through these doors to make a home come summer:

birdhouse1 birdhouse2


and finally, just for fun:

bench snowbranch

I love snow.


Part of you capture

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  1. Oh wow. You surely did capture your world beautifully colored in snow. I love the pictures. We were sad about the Eagles losing since we live right outside of the city. I am not that into sports though. I try to be : ) but I just can't do it! Hope you have more picture taking opportunities soon! Love, Becky