Friday, January 7, 2011

Life’s randomness

I want to blog.  I do.  I want to upload all the pictures of house projects here so I can remember the details because honestly the past month is a little fuzzy.  but then there is the matter of the whole lost the cord to my phone and can’t download the pictures (pretty much all are on my phone because I haven’t trusted my pretty camera in the disaster zone of my house.  oh and let  us not forget the whole working 52 hours this week with 4 to go. or the fact that the only reason I am currently alert is that my cable is getting hooked up (internet is up and working as of 3 hours ago. or it would be if I actually had the faintest idea where my router is.  so for now I will continue to steal the neighbors.).  apparently hooking up dish network involves basements and attics and roofs and have the power cord for the pretty new tv that I just bought but since dad pulled it out of the box for me I didn’t know where it is and I think the guy thinks I am crazy because I have unusable internet and a tv without a plug. Yay me.

I don’t remember what I was talking about.  Do you?

Oh yes.  reasons I don’t blog.  I officially have internet, cable, water, trash, electricity gas, and a mortgage.  I really hope I am not missing anything.  There is a security system going in eventually, but eventually is not anytime soon because I am either working or out of town for the next 3 weeks.

I don’t think that is what I was talking about.

I have the droid 2 and I can’t figure out how to download pictures or upload music.  I love the phone in theory but reality is frustrating me.  However, access to pandora and air-1 radio apps make the monthly bill worth it… music at work keeps me sane.

Packers made the playoffs.  I will be spending Sunday on my couch watching my new!pretty!tv! (with power cord plugged in)  as the packers beat the eagles.  so going to happen.

I wonder if this works as a stream of consciousness post?  that seems to be a popular blog thing. of course, those are on blogs people besides my mom read. (Hi Mom!) 

I thought about doing a year in review for 2010, but honestly… it wasn’t the best year ever.  2011 is going to rock, though.

Did I mention I spent a ton of time cleaning my wood floors and then the guy from westar energy who came to install my new programable thermostat tracked mud all over it?  true, sad, story.

but my kitchen is beautiful, because my mom and sister in law swooped in and unpacked it to save me from the boxes.  which is kind of funny because they swooped in and packed for me back in may when I left my apartment.  What is it that can make me go to the hospital and find chaos and know exactly where to start and how to organize my night and what needs priority but then put me into the chaos of a house full of boxes (empty or full… doesn’t matter) and I get completely overwhelmed and go eat chocolate and read a book?  It is annoying.

except for the part where I am the baby of the family and everyone always comes in and rescues me from the boxes.  and I am much more gracious in accepting help for the boxes and their organization abilities than they are in accepting my free! medical advice.

I think I need to end this now.  Want a picture to end it with? I was very impressed with how well my neighbors internet did in uploading my fav 11 of 2010 pics.


i have a very weird obsession with self portraits.  Miirros, reflecting windows… I like them.  Some blog ( drawing a blank here…) is doing a 1000 faces challenge as part of her bucket list. I wonder if I could do 100 self portraits without it seeming very self-centered?  I like this picture of me and my mom right before I went to work Christmas night.

Life is good.

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