Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In 4 days there are 12 people showing up at my house for a super bowl party.  In the 4 days I need to debox my guest room, organize my kitchen so I can paint it, figure out how 12 people are going to sit in my living room since I still only have 1 couch. 

I have decided a room a month is a good goal.  February is Kitchen/ eat in month.  We are painting on Saturday, shelves in the week after that.  It will get done.  Taking a while, but it will get done.

4  days though?  too much to do, and after working 7/8 days, too tired to do much. and of course, there is the snow.  too much snow.

I had plans for a great post tomorrow about women’s health with lots of friends in red, but see above statement of work and snow, and I have 2 pictures of 1 friend that did not come out anywhere near where I wanted them which depressed me cause the one thing I thought I had down was single people portraits.  so then I decided I suck at pictures and should just give up.  then I decided I was feeling sorry for myself, and should start taking pictures more often again, and then… see above statement of snow and work.

that was a long complicated sentance that said nothing, huh?

I want the world to look more like this:


and less like this:


The End.

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