Thursday, February 24, 2011

Longing for a life…

I have a dream.  A dream where people in Wichita stop getting crazy sick and I can actually stop working 20 hours of overtime a pay period. A dream where my house is picked up and I can find my camera and go take pictures.  Until then, I will continue to take crummy pictures with my cell phone, because at least then I get to pretend that I have a life with time to pursue my favorite things.

So… things that start with L.  The first thing that came to mind is Laundry room.  Want to see mine?

shot_1298557179553 shot_1298557185435

My dryer is covered with sheets, which is okay because they are clean.  Clean counts for something, right?  The box next to the washer is full of paint cans and paint supplies and other random stuff. because right in front of the basement stairs is a good place to store boxes of paint, don’t you think?

L=laundry+love.  I have developed a weird love for bird fabric.  I don’t even like birds, and yet, by the time the presidents day sale was over, I ended up with this:

shot_1298557280214 2011-02-22_15-25-24_64[1]

The top one I have had for a while, with the plan of making a curtain to go in the doorway next to the washing machine. And yet, when I saw the bottom with the green background?  I am in love.  So now… green in laundry room, and I am thinking… white in kitchen? Am I going to get horribly made fun of for 2 rooms with bird curtains?

Okay. Back to L.  My favorite thing in the world that starts with an L is Lanyard.

2011-02-24_08-17-45_804[1] shot_1298557140578

My sister in law makes the most wonderful lanyards for me to wear at work… this one is my favorite because it sparkles. It is the perfect length, most of the time it just hangs there but if I am doing something where i need it to not swing it is long enough to tuck into my pocket.  And the most important thing, it gives me a touch of sparkle and personality to wear with my boring scrubs.  Last night Karina texted me some more lanyards that she has made to sell, and I am pretty sure I need them all:

aren’t they pretty?  If I have to wear a name badge I am going to do it in style, that is what I think.

Okay… that is the end of the sad picture show.  Next week will be better!

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  1. Fun set, I like the poloroid frames on the top few.

  2. I can't wait until the day I need a lanyard to hold my badge!! (Pursuing nursing...)

  3. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I love the bird themed sheets - they would great if you made some funky throw pillows out of them.

    And just so you know - my house is a wreck, too, thanks to blogging!

  4. Those are the best sheets EVER! Love them! : ) I think they are very cool! I know what you mean about how it piles up! It is so crazy!