Thursday, December 2, 2010


This guy…


decided he needed to marry this girl


after knowing her for less than 3 months.  5 days after the wedding he was shipped overseas for 8 months.  After he came home they had 3 babies in just over 3 years( during which time they moved from Kansas to California to New York and then back to Kansas) the youngest of which was him:


(granted, later on 3 more kids came but grandma had a little break first…)

He went to college, where he refused to take no for an answer from her:


(she refused to go on a date with him so he sent roses to the front desk of her sorority asking her out. pretty much every girl in her house read the card and told her she had to go.  I have never believed peer pressure to be all that bad seeing as how it is responsible for my very existence.)

she gave in, married him and 18 months later had her:

ricki kennedy

(the older one. the younger came much much later to the youngest of the original six.)

She married him (they had a semi-forbidden relationship in high school, didn’t talk for 5 years and reconnected her senior year of college. It shocked a lot of people when they got married, but they are surprisingly perfect for each.)


59 years… 30 years… 4 years. 



part of you capture


  1. What a nice way to document a bit of family history!

  2. I love this post and your captures! This is a most unique "family tree". I love a great love story and you just gave us three of them!!!