Saturday, December 18, 2010

My house!

So… are we ready for the unveiling of the house?

Floor plan:


walking in from the garage to the laundry room.  stairs to basement are past the curtain on the other side of washer


from the laundry room looking into the kitchen:

(picture to come… when the kitchen isn’t covered in painting supplies :)

breakfast nook:





fireplace. (and the point where I decided to use my flash.)


looking from den down to kitchen:



dining room living/room standing from door in breakfast nook:


looking the opposite way from entryway straight into living room


master bedroom:

_MG_0366 _MG_0367

masters bath:

_MG_0368 _MG_0370

guest room:

_MG_0373 _MG_0374

sewing room:

_MG_0376 _MG_0375

a hall bathroom (that is actually pink, not yellow. I hate taking inside pictures…)


and that is the official house tour.  eventually the walls will be a different color, the carpet in the living room will be gone, the kitchen will be updated… I will make the list later.

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