Friday, December 10, 2010


I am uying a house today! I close in 5 hours and I am freaking out a little. Electric is in my name, gas will be monday, I need to scope out who my neighbors use for trash and I completely forgot one had to pay for water. The details are exploding in my brain and all of a sudden I am convinced I cannot afford it and am going to fail misrably. Of course... I can and I won't, but there is no telling me that. I think if I had any idea what my monthly expenses would be I could make a budget and calm down, but I haven't figured that out yet... too many variables. Oh well... it is exciting! My brother and SIL arw going to come see it and then we wiill go to red lobster to celebrate. Unless byy then I have passed out in shock of wrting the 20% down check. Okay... deep breaths being taken and all is well. This is going to be good... I am buying a house today!
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