Friday, December 3, 2010

picturing it

I find myself struggling because I can't picture it instantly.  This house, while awesome, is somewhat different than I thought I would be getting, so all designs I had stuck in my head seem off.  Chandeliers... I don;t have the tall ceilings of old houses. I have normal ceilings, so maybe not so much. I don't know what to do with the trim. I really want to paint it all white... but in the den there is a  wood mantel and wood beams that are rough wood and I don't want to paint them. so... can I have painted trim everywhere except for the beams and mantel in one room?  No clue. and that isn't something that is easy to go back to, although I do think light gray walls with bright white trim would look awesome in the living room/ dining room.
Lets talk laundry room.  I want a cute laundry room, and I want it to be bright and fun. There is going to be a door of off the kitchen because I don't want to be able to see straight into the laundry room, and i think out of all the rooms in the house where you can go crazy, the room dedicated to dirty clothes should be it. There are cabinets above the washer, and they are made out of the same stuff the kitchen is. I want to paint them... I am not planning on painting the kitchen ones so can I have them different colors?  I think it might work.  Also, I had in mind a fabric to make a curtain out of for the window on the door and also the stairs down to the basement... I want something with a white background and colorful flowers, but not just flowers, and I want a green to be a main color because I want to pain the wall you can't see from the kitchen green and maybe some purple.... as the main graphic, it needs to be good.  SO I looked.  ThE first possibility I found was this:

It has the graphics, and the story, and the lots of color, but the colors aren't just right and the background is too dark and it just wasn't it...

Next choice:


This one I like the color of the green, but it isn't fun and graphic the way I wanted.

But then... I clicked one more before I gave up on this subject, and this is what I found.


It is just almost perfect.  Colors galore, stories, you could look at it for ages and find new things. and it is crazy wild, which is what I was looking for.  I want it, I think... but is it too much for  a small room? an entire doorway filled with this fabric... I might be crazy.

We passed the appraisal.

7 days to closing.

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