Sunday, December 12, 2010

owning a house day 3

I own a house now.  The size of the check I had to write to buy said house?  Scary.

I have had a headache every day I have owned said house.

I am not entirely sure if they are related or not.

I am guessing not.

Went to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie today. My professional opinion is 2 is better than 1 which was better thann 3.  If that makes any sense.

I have picked out colors for my bedroom, fairly positive on colors for my living room, and have no idea what all needs done before I can paint. Something about putting more screws in the sheetrock to keep the walls from shifting?

I am getting frustrated because there are things that need done but apparently I need help with more of it htan I thought which means probably it is never going to get done because everyone in my family has more to do than they c o tan handle. Which is why I went smart and bought a house that didn’t need that much work. apparently that much work is realitive, though.

Pretty sure my dad is tired of the word cohesive.  I want my trim painted white, but if I am going to do some of it, I need to do all of it and make it cohesive.  I want my colors to go… the rooms all flow together and it needs to look cohesive.  The wood needs to match… etc. 

i think I will make a list of things to do to my house.  Kind of like the bucket lists everyone seems to be doing.

Could be fun.


I like my house.

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