Wednesday, June 1, 2011

24 pics from a 24 hr trip



This past weekend I headed to OKC to meet up with my friend Mychal, her husband Jake and their friend Chad.  We went to the horse races, the will rogers garden, out to the lake for the sunset, and generally just had a good time. It was a good 24hr break from house projects!  Here are my favorite pics from the trip (in the 24hr/24 pic pattern of Kat from Grass Stains):

_MG_2100  _MG_2145



 _MG_2171 _MG_2192


 _MG_2290 _MG_2291 _MG_2293


_MG_2329 _MG_2359



   _MG_2367 _MG_2373 _MG_2377 

 IMG_2256IMG_2250 IMG_2278

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