Friday, June 17, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon my house will be invaded with anywhere from 27-40 people, and I am so excited.

My list (on the sidebar lol…)  is so even close to being done, but parts of it are… and the parts that are make me happy :)

and really?  lists are just suggestions.  People are what is important.  Family and friends.  More and more I have figured out how much feeding people makes me happy, how much I love that my house is a gathering a place, big enough for that many people. (kind of.  If it is raining or horribly hot we will be a tad crowded.)  So my house is cleaner than it has been in months, the sanding dust finally going away, the piles are not only organized but gone, and my kitchen is full of food.

Want to see what is done for the party?


I have more pictures to come of the process, but in all honest truth my deck is fast becoming my favorite thing ever.  Picture it, covered with people I love, and picture me happy.



This is my painters tape + paint samples from home depot+ 75% off canvas from Michaels project for above my couch.  I kind of like it a lot, even though it is a  little weird.  It brings in lovely color to a room that was a tad too gray. 


Okay… off to finish cleaning in preparation for Joanna and Tiffany showing up tonight!

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