Sunday, June 5, 2011

The randomness of a Sunday night.

1.  I am watching a really depressing movie called Mercury rising.  Parents with autistic kids are awesome.  and Bruce Willis use to have hair. Who knew?

2. I went to a little big town concert tonight with my sister and my cousin.  Good times.  Funnel cake is never bad.  Country music is never bad. 

3. Some day I will see someone famous in a country music concert. I am thinking brad paisley or Lady A.

4. I have 5 days off. Except not really because my friend called me from work and conned me into going in on Friday. I am a sucker for “corrie we are all tripled with more coming!” stories. Except tonight. Tonight I had plans. [see number 2]

5.  My zucchini is growing. I am excited.  My flowers on the other hand look not so good. 


6.  My mom has been weeding my excess flower beds… my house is surrounded by them. That combined with my new deck is making my backyard look awesome.

7.  My mom is awesome.  [See number 6.]

8.  Tomorrow I am starting a new photography class with my dad.  It is going to be pretty much review for me and all new for him… but I am excited to take it with him. 

9. I am obsessively editing the pics from my photo shoot last week.  my main concern is that the skin tones are going to be different and they won’t look good.  do we like the purple tinged black and white or not?

fox12 fox23 fox27

10.  I really like the way my house is coming along.  Really.  It is cute and has personality and once my pictures are actually on the walls it will be amazing.

11.  my party is in 2 weeks and my to do list is long.  I should probably start working on that.

12.  It is bed time now.  Once I finish the depressing movie.  [See number 1.]

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