Thursday, May 26, 2011


Someday I am going to get tired of taking pictures of the flowers that keep randomly appearing in my backyard, but it won’t be today, because pretty things keep showing up!





(so. the only color of pink I love is that gorgeous deep magenta, and I was super excited that my roses came in that color. Until I tried to take pictures of them and was once again reminded that my camera does not register deep magenta as a color, and turns it into an orangey pink. I have changed every setting and cannot make it take… so here is my rose in not even close to all it’s glory.)

I love taking pictures.  Tomorrow I am doing my first ever photo shoot for not only people I do not know, but for CHILDREN I do not know.  I haven’t had much experience photographing children, so I am super nervous but excited about the opportunity.  The mom is in the mops group my mom mentors and offered to let me get some practice on her kids.  We will see how they turn out…


(this one did not appear randomly. I planted it, and 7 other like it.  After 2 weeks none of them are dead which makes them pretty to me.  Zucchini bread is coming!)

Part of you capture


  1. very pretty shots, I love the first one, with the black background!