Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Birthday!

Was actually 2 weeks ago, but pictures are pictures, even if they are grainy cell phone pictures.  I love birthdays… I love my birthday, and it was a good day.

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Best part of birthdays are pedicures.  I get 3 pedicures a year… my birthday, my mom’s birthday and my SIL birthday.

After pedicures I drove home… and was grateful for the beautiful day.


shot_1300406097332 shot_1300406129762

the sun was shining, it was warm…

That night we did dinner at Cheddars (I love Cheddars… better food than Applebee's, cheaper too…)

After that?  Girl time!  We went to old town… and was entirely unimpressed.  That being said, I love the girls I was with, so it was fun :)


Karina and I.  I have the best sister in law ever…


Corrie… Jolene… Elizabeth.  And a green beer bottle.  Necessary on St. Patrick’s day!

All in all… it was a pretty awesome day.  It is my plan to enjoy birthdays for life… because getting older? not a bad thing.

March rocked… Happy April!

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  1. How cool about the pedicures! I think that's an excellent way to celebrate a birthday!