Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the vibrance of my garden

I had grand plans for this week’s you capture.  Vibrant… there are all sorts of vibrant things growing in my yard right now. Then… life got cold and gray randomly, and the sun is refusing to shine.  This morning, however, I decided enough waiting on the sun and to just enjoy the colors I do have.  I therefore bring you my garden, courtesy of Billie the previous owner who apparently liked to garden as evidenced by the amount of stuff growing in my yard.  I have no clue what most of it is, and definitely no clue how to keep it growing, but it is beautiful all the same…

_MG_1201 purple

some sort of ground cover?  I love purple…

pink hyacinth purple hyacinth white hyacinth

I just set up my picture wall in my dining room, and there are a couple of snow pictures.  I think they might be getting replaced shortly.  I believe these are hyacinths?  I want to plant a boatload more… beautiful and they smell good.

yellow bush yellow bush2

I thought this bush was ugly yellow leaves until I looked at it and realized it was really pretty yellow flowers.  No leaves on the entire bush, but it is covered in these flowers.

fighting tulips

I think these tulips used to be best friends, being neighbors in the garden and all, but apparently they must have had a fight because they are now facing opposite directions the way my best friend and I used to do in sunday school when we weren’t getting along, you know, opposite directions but at an angle so they can see what the other is doing out of the corner of their eyes.

(what? You didn’t instantly come up with that story?)


White tree… no clue what it is.  one would think it is a Bradford pear like the rest of Wichita is covered with, but it is huge and covering my house so I am thinking no.  Beautiful, however.  I quite love it.

Amazing thing is that even though I was running around in my packers pants taking pictures in the dreary cold I kind of love them.  Shows me… I need to take pictures more even when the conditions don’t seem perfect.

As far as I can tell I have some rose bushes that are turning green, some grape vines that still look dead, a possible apple tree, and a crazy amount of what looks like sticks pretty much everywhere.  It is going to be interesting to see what else appears in once spring actually arrives.

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  1. Love!! Our buds are *just* starting to pop around here and as always we've had some chilly days where I always worry about the dignity of the flowers!!
    The yellow flower bush is forsynthia...I am not expert but I planted some of these bushes in my yard and love the bright yellow flowers, even if they only bloom for a short time!