Thursday, August 25, 2011

The one in where I freak out

There are  currently 3 things going on that are working together in a not-good way.

1. currently we are seriously understaffed at worked, which  means everyone is being STRONGLY encouraged to pick up extra shifts. I am good with this, because I need some extra money, but the phone call telling me that I might not get to take my vacation to see Braden next month was not welcome.  Fortunately it worked out and I am good to go, but it was still stressful. and I am signed up for an extra shift a week until I leave, so…

2.  My current money situation is a little overwhelming… I love owning my own house, and I love taking trips, but right now a bunch of things are needing to be paid for… the shower isn’t draining, I need help clearing the gardens, my CD player in my car won’t work, I need new tires before winter, I just bought a bunch of plane tickets, reserved hotel rooms and bought tickets to a packers game, dad wants me to get my security system installed… the extra shifts will help, (actually I can probably cover most of these things with extra shifts this month which is good ) but extra shifts can’t be counted on and I really need a budget.

3. I am starting my masters program this week.  It took me approx 10 minutes reading my class schedule and reading assignments to start freaking out/having a mini panic attack. how am I going to have time to do all this?  I haven’t done school in 3 years, and I was super blessed the last time I was in school in that I didn’t have to work so I was able to focus only on learning.  Now… I have a life. and a job. crazy.

So here is how it goes.  #1?  means I don’t have a lot of time right now.  but #2? means I need to stick with #1.  But #3?  is going to be time consuming.  which is hard with #1.  ARGH!  My brain is spinning in circles.


Here is the part where I say I know it will work out, I know I will be alright with school and working extra never killed anyone and I get a vacation next month to snuggle my nephew-baby and I have more than enough money it is just my tight-wad tendencies that are freaking out, and everything I am doing is worth it and eventually I will be comfortable with school and I will figure out what a concept paper is and I will uncover my house from the grass and I will have a social life at the same time and…


breathe, Corrie.  Just breathe.

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