Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Day

It was a day for the books.  A day where I got to spend time with some of my favorite people, doing one of their favorite things. 

(their, not mine. My favorite thing involves books.)

  _MG_4471 _MG_4494

BIL Nathan got to shoot his Glock for the first time since he got it for Christmas

_MG_4506 _MG_4508

Skeet shooting is apparently a big deal

 _MG_4540 _MG_4561

They were all much better at it than me

 _MG_4566 _MG_4573

_MG_4584 _MG_4611 

I gave myself a nice big target, RaDonna gave herself a bunch of little targets.  She knocked them all down. I hit the target 4/15 times.

_MG_4591 _MG_4594 

The shotgun gave me a bruise, but I did hit ONE skeet thingy!  Granted, I shot it like 30 times, but I was proud of that one time!

  _MG_4693 _MG_4711

I still like books better than guns.  Just saying

IMG_4637 IMG_4639 _MG_4640

Love these girls!  It was an awesome day that ended with us laying down on the driveway and staring at the dark sky, followed by blaring country music out of one off  the cars and dancing under the stars.  As much as I hate Florida, some of the best memories are made here. 

(And as much as I love cameras, some of the best memories don’t need pictures… )

Linking up with You Capture.  It almost qualifies as ordinary moments… if ones ordinary moments involves shotgun shells lol.

OHH.  My camera is now flashing ERR 99 to me every time I try to take a  picture.  I might have a nervous breakdown if I can’t get it fixed soon.  As I put on facebook, taking pictures=happy Corrie.  Dead camera=panic attack.  As soon as I get off the plane I am currently on I am heading for the camera shop!

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