Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Running away.

I ran away this weekend.  I suddenly realized on Thurday that the place I needed to be was 2.5 hours away… staying  in a guest bedroom I might as well call my own.  So… pack a bag and drive. I went friday night to the plaza and ate at  an amazing place called the Melting Pot, with a couple girls I used to work with.  It was getting caught up, and can I say yummy fondue?   _MG_0185


(Kansas City Plaza overlooking the river SOOC.  low ISO and high(er) shutter speed. I am loving manual shooting.)

Late friday night I showed up at my friend Joanna’s place… we talked.  Houses. Work.  Life.  I showed her pictures of my new house, she showed me her new pumpkin recipes. 

Saturday… brunch with a  college friend, shopping with old roomies, lots of girl talk and house talk and OOHH Tiffany has a new crush talk.  An utter cure for whatever was stressing me out.

Then came the cookie dough.  Is there anything better than a movie and a bowl of cookie dough?  Hot cookies are good as well, but cookie dough became an addiction in college for my girls… and it is  a staple of life. when one must walk 3 flights of stairs and stand in line for the community oven, one discovers the delight of uncooked food.

(there was supposed to be a picture here, but as of yet I haven’t figured out how to get pictures off of my phone and onto my computer. Maybe by You Capture time I will have it figured out…)

Insert movie review.  I have heard about Breakfast at Tiffany’s for years.  Figured it was this awesome movie, this classic, all sorts of great things.  No. It was a pretty horrid movie.  She was a ditzy airhead willing to marry for money, who threw her cat into the rain.  He was a man kept by a married woman, and he was a total enabler.  Joanna, who is my psych major friend, and I were both diagnosing people the whole time.  really?  classic?  I don’t think so.

I love my girls.  I love being with the people who have shared most experiences of the last 5 years, who have heard me cry and scream and laugh and stress and who know how to handle me in all those moods.  It was a great way to let the stress melt away from everything that has happened in the last few weeks.  Life is good!

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