Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I want to plan my house. I really do. I have spent the last couple of hours looking at lighting options (which is kind of a random thing).  I firmly believe in ceiling fans, they are so wonderful at keeping down AC costs, with one exception.  Ceiling fans should not be in the dining room.  Both my parents house and my last apartment had dining table ceiling fans and I hate it... can't keep them on when the food is there or the food gets cold, which is bad.  that being said, I really want a chandelier for my dining room.  I have always loved this one:


  but am pretty sure that it is huge and needs tall ceilings to pull it off, and my house, while lovely, is a ranch built in the 60s.  No tall ceilings.  (just discoverd a smaller version... i wonder if 22in would be doable? ) so what other options are good?  it is a dining room-living room L shaped combo, and there will be a ceiling fan (i think) in the living room part, so would it look weird to have different lighting in the same room?  should I just do 2 ceiling fans and not run it during dinner?  The crazy thing is I am sitting here trying to figure it out, and i for the life of me cannot remember what light they have now.  about the only thing i know for certain is that there are already ceiling fans in at least 2 of the bedrooms, and that I have this awesome mini chandelier that belonged to my great grandma that is going to go up in the master bath (I think. pretty positive. unless it just absolutely wont work, with I think it will.  argh. I find planning without being able to stand and stare quite hard.)
today we put in an offer that is somewhat ridiculously low.  I wonder if they will take it...
I am a tad panicky. what if I move in and hate it? and yet, I don't think I will. I think I am a chronic second-guesser, and just need to buy the house and be done with it.
That being said, my laundry room will be directly off of the kitchen. Right now there isn't a door, but I have plans to install a swinging door there so it can be shut off.  I want to paint the  cabinets in the LR something crazy.  Lime green or teal or something. On the other hand, the cabinets in the LR are the same as the K, so they should probably be the same? espeically since you will be able to see both at once.  that just seems boring to me.  Yet something else I will need to be able to see to plan.
I predict a very long frustrating month.

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  1. You're going to love it! Lots of work but it's so much fun to dress a house the way you want. Good luck!