Monday, November 8, 2010

Enter Panic Mode

So. I might buy a house tomorrow.  ARGH.  that is kind of scary, you know?  I might panic a bit.  or cry. or talk it to death. pretty sure my dad isn’t looking forward to dinner where we are going to talk details, because talking details with me tends to make him dizzy, I am pretty sure.  It isn’t the house I wanted to begin with, it isn’t the cute blue house with shutters. It is a ranch, which I always swore I wouldn’t own, but it has a solid foundation, awesome storage, 2, full baths, a first floor laundry and amazing back yard.  I could love this house. I probably already do and am just not admitting it yet.  It has projects I can’t wait to do and walls to paint and possibly knock out, it has a garage for winter and is close to work.

I am going to buy a house tomorrow.

My name is Corrie, and my view is about to change.

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