Sunday, September 29, 2013

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The thing is that I don't necessarily consider myself lonely.  I mean, I was talking to someone this week and he said that we seemed similar living a rather lonely life and I laughed... I am surrounded by people who love me who I love. I have had phone calls and skyped and tango'd and texted just as many people this week as I would have if I still lived in Kansas. I am missing some of the personal connections though.  Tuesday night dinner with the parents.  Dropping in on grandpa.  Kidnapping Bella for an afternoon.  It is a change but that was the point of the experiment, yes?  I have had dinner with people and talked to new people at work and right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Indiana waiting for Chelsie to finish a meeting so we can hang out tonight so that tomorrow she can go to a meeting... lots of driving but we are having fun so it works.  I do know this isn't something I anticipate wanting to do full time. I think maybe a year?  4 assignments and then I will come home to my house and my family and it will be a good thing.  But then again another point of this was to learn to live without a set plan (I have no idea where I am going to be living in 3 months.  Very unusual for me!) so maybe by a year I will love travel nursing.  I doubt it, but it is a possibility. 
 If I was planning that would be the next year of my life. 
(but the point is to not plan, right?)
(but it is a really good plan, fyi)

And in the meantime I am reading books and walking in new parks and wishing I could snuggle me some Brecklyn.

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